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Proto Droids – Sequential Dreams

[woe, 2021] Proto Droids is the side project for Correlations’ main synthesist, Neil Hale. If you haven’t yet heard of him, I highly suggest picking up any of the releases […]

BUNKR – Graveyard Orbit

[VLSI Records Ltd., 2021] BUNKR is James Dean, a producer in Brighton, UK and co-founder of Cookshop. He’s previously recorded under the moniker, Lost Idol, and has released a couple […]

Leah Kardos – Bird Rib

[bigo & twigetti 2020] I’m admittedly a bit late to the game with Leah Kardos. This is the first release I’ve had the pleasure to hear from her, and it […]

Kl(aüs) – Kl(aüs)

[Castles in Space, 2016] Kl(aüs) is a project from Australian friends Stewart Lawler and Jonathan Elliott. I’ve just recently stumbled onto this group’s debut album, and took to this album […]

Negative Response – Submersion Therapy

[Negative Products, 2021] Negative Response, the minimal synth group which began in 1980, is back with its first new material since 1983. And it’s quite an achievement! The nine tracks […]

Imaginary Softwoods – Annual Flowers in Color

[Mineral Disc, 2020] As a fan of late 2000s/early 2010s ambient/electronic group Emeralds, I was somewhat familiar with John Elliott’s work in Outer Space. Somewhere in the aftermath of Emerald’s […]

Protomartyr – Ultimate Success Today

[Domino, 2020] Protomartyr is back with another blistering take on the current political climate, our failures as a species, and our dreary future. This feels intensely apt in the age […]

Leif – Loom Dream

[Whities, 2019] Found sounds, droney backdrops, natural elements, ethereal woodwinds, and sequenced chimes. Leif Knowles creates a feeling of pastoral mystery—the feeling you get when dusk hits, the fireflies come […]

Kate NV – Room for the Moon

[RVNG Intl., 2020] Russian musician Kate NV’s new album, Room for the Moon, expands on the minimalist synth pop from 2018’s для FOR. As with that album, analog synths garble, […]

Tokyo Shoegazer – Crystallize

[299 Japan Records, 2011] This long lost gem of shoegaze has finally gotten the vinyl release it so much deserved by Light in the Attic. The music here is quintessential […]

Polypores – Flora

[Castles in Space, 2019] With Flora, created under the moniker Polypores, Stephen James Buckley crafts beautiful ambient electronic, surrounded by field recordings of bubbling springs, rustling trees, and bird chirps. […]